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White House Gangster

It feels strange to realize that all of the things that you were told and believed about the "rule of law" and, also, the U.S. being a nation "of laws, not men," is untrue. Quite simply, when the demographics changed and America became browner, suddenly, all of those rhapsodies about democracy became optional. What is going on in Georgia an example of this. When the president calls, asking Republican state officials for a specific number of votes to be "found" and added to his total, a crime is being committed. The fact that Trump is enabled by U.S. Republican senators and congressmen constitutes a conspiracy to overthrow the government.

To be clear, the Attorney General of the U.S., heretofore Trump's primary enabler, declared there was no evidence of voter fraud. So those claiming to increase confidence of those who believe Trump won the election are, quite simply, lying and dangerously opportunistic. They are willing to end the American democracy to position themselves as the authoritarian in waiting.

Just because this attempted crime failed does not mean that we are not in danger.

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