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Today's Insurrection

The crazies aren't just holding Kevin McCarthy hostage, they are holding America hostage. We are, presently, in a government shut down. THAT is what they want. That is their goal.

On this second anniversary of The Insurrection, it is important to understand that the insurrectionists are not repentant; they are determined. The Insurrection continues where it occurred -- in the Capitol building.

What America cannot seem to face is this: The United States of America is and has been under attack by white supremacist christian nationalists and secular nihilists. They will tear America down rather than respect the democratic rights of others.

The problem is not with 20 House Republicans. The problem is with the majority of Americans (and congresspersons) who will not face and confront this problem.

We on the clock -- and the clock is running.

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