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And The Wall Comes Tumbling Down

And The Wall Comes Tumbling Down


Preston Foster

June 20, 2024

Copyright 2024

The “wall of separation between church and state” -- that the author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, referenced and James Madison, “the Father of The Constitution" strongly favored -- is coming down.

What the State of Louisiana has done in requiring all of their state-funded schools to post The 10 Commandments at each location IS the establishment of religion. Louisiana is depending on the Clarence Thomas-led Supreme Court to re-define the 1st Amendment's clause against the establishment of religion as applying only to the federal government -- and NOT to the 50 state governments. Justice Thomas has already stated, explicitly, that he believes this is the case.

Asking the Supreme Court to redefine what the 1st Amendment means is the strategy of Christian Nationalist theocrats. The objective is to impose and enforce a political form of Christianity on most of the United States -- from the state level. Clarence Thomas and his cabal stand ready to enable it.

Be woke.

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