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Lies From Doctors and Police


Stephen Foster

The Minneapolis Police Department's official public report of the George Floyd murder did not mention or reference the knee to the neck at all in any way whatsoever. This means that without the video recording there would have been no police responsibility or accountability for the incident as per the official record of events.

So the NEXT TIME anyone cites Justice Department/FBI statistics that show that black people dying at the hands or in the custody of police is rare, or exceptional, you have reason to claim those statistics are bull$#!+.

The problem is that the police are largely being recruited by, and from, the same ilk that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. They are now, and perhaps always have been, on an unofficial, unspoken mission, as it were, to exterminate 'problem' black people at every opportunity; and to even seek out such opportunities.

This is of course why those who are disturbed or unhappy about the Chauvin conviction are the usual suspects.


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