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A Way to Say What Should be Said About the Israeli Government

December 13, 2023


Preston Foster

Perhaps one of the few things that most people of good will can agree upon regarding Israel /Gaza war is that Benjamin Netanyahu is a dangerous and dishonest man. He is a threat to peace everywhere.

Here in the U.S., Israel, along with Great Britain, constitute "special relationships" in our foreign policy. As police of the world and to maintain the status quo (post World War II), the U.S. militarily guarantees the existence of both countries (along with that of other NATO allies).

The protection of Israel is absolutely necessary, as a matter of fact. So, in America, the political debate pivots on the issue of Israel -- and the Palestinians. There are elephants in the room. They are storming. They include:

1) Beyond the safety of Israel and the presumed "destruction" of Hamas, what is the commitment of the U.S. (and the UN) to the 2-state solution?

2) What are the local political implications in the U.S. (in both New York and Michigan, respectively) for restricted or unrestricted support of the Netanyahu Israeli government?

3) At some point (past now?), the disproportional killing of Palestinian citizens will be politically untenable. But, because of domestic politics in the U.S., Netanyahu will move to cash his blank check. All of this will increase antisemitism (further) and, of course, Islamaphobia, as well.

4) We, at WTSS, believe, still, that in a 2-state solution scenario (enforced by U.N. Forces), Palestinian people and Jewish people can -- and want to live in peace. This war -- beginning with the October 7 Hamas attack, simply hardens the animus and helps the Israeli and Palestinian political extremists to seem like the only viable political option for their respective constituencies. Netanyahu, with a 27% approval rating, remains in office.

5) Oh, by the way, the war in Gaza has been a catalyst to destroy U.S. support for Ukraine. So, Putin is happy, too. This war is being fought more politically than militarily. And, because of the local politics in America, the U.S is poised to lose in the global election for world leadership.

Netanyahu is willing to put Biden at severe political risk -- by almost guaranteeing more mass killing -- to advance his political interests in Israel. In Bibi's best world, Trump is U.S. president, again.

Authoritarianism is the common denominator.

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