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The Consolidation Is Almost Complete

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

The Dangerous Pragmatism of Establishment Democrats

The consolidation is almost complete. If/when Senator Warren bows out, it will be a contest of the pragmatists vs. the liberals for the Democratic nomination. Likely, the pragmatists will prevail.

The assumption of the former is that political pragmatism will win the election. The hope of the liberals is that changing the system to deliver benefits to all will win the election.

In my view, the pragmatic approach is a reaction to Donald Trump that is (rationally) fear-based and focused, almost exclusively, on posing a safe alternative to him. The liberals offer structural change that focuses on the American people and their increasingly desperate need for improved and affordable healthcare, fair wages, and debt relief.

Ironically, the liberal approach is far more tangible, Beyond irony, the liberal approach delivers benefits that structurally improves our society (i.e., Social Security, Medicare).

At this point, the winning political strategy is for the pragmatists to embrace the liberal approach (including Warren or Abrams as VP, for example) and focus on the people, instead of Donald Trump. Regarding Trump, Joe Biden should position himself as the patriotic defender of democracy (at home and abroad).

The job of focusing on Mr. Trump (and Mr. Putin) belongs to the protectors of the establishment (the DNC, Michael Bloomberg). Starting NOW, they should accelerate their advertising spending to inform, define, and remind Americans of the existential threat that is Donald Trump.

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