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Chauvinistic: The Tell


Stephen Foster

I answered someone who was upset by the Chauvin verdict with the following reponse:

What is funny is the predictable reaction--what is referred to as a backlash--from the privileged demographic, to the notion that their police force doesn't have the right or the prerogative to murder a black man on camera. Some people think that George Floyd's life didn't matter because, as a black, he was an inherently inferior human being, if indeed he was actually a full-fledged human being at all; and that since he was, at best, a flawed human being, one who had dared to offer resistance to the police after being apprehended for suspicion of forgery; and who was an opioid addict at that, deserved to have his life extinguished by any means necessary.

Such people are, of course, racists and are, in fact, evil. They are sorely disappointed that the murderer was convicted because they not only believe that the police are empowered to kill unruly blacks; but also believe that this is what good policemen should do whenever the situation presents itself.

Such people are, ironically, the very types who, in defiance of uniformed law enforcement personnel (i.e., police), boldly stormed the United States Capitol Building on January 6, 2021; simply because they believe it was their privilege, right, and duty to do so; as they believe, to this day, that far too many black people had been permitted to vote during the election.

The only thing you said that is accurate is that the jury in such a case should have been sequestered.

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